How To Book A Light Painting Session

FIRST: Greg will meet with you at our Gallery Office to discuss your ideas. If you are out of town, this initial, free consultation can be done over the phone. For our commercial clients, we come to your office in order to review the products at your location.  

To schedule that free consultation, we have several ways to contact us:

  • Click  CONTACT send your info and we will contact you to set the appointment

  • Call/Text Greg at 318-402-6522 to set the appointment

  • Email Greg at

During the free consultation, we ask a lot of questions to understand what your ideas are so we can determine the best approach to the session. Once we have a good idea of the subject(s) you want light painted and the details of the session, we will provide you with a "book now" discounted price, and then a separate non-discounted offer that's good for 30 days.


We highly recommend coming prepared to book the session and all decision makers are present.

(For our commercial clients, we provide quotes good for 45 days)


You are more than welcome to be present and observe the complex procedures we go through to capture 50+ images per subject.  Most clients thoroughly enjoy the light painting process, which depending on complexity, can take 1 to 4 hours AFTER sunset. Bring a lawn chair, snacks and beer and we'll make a night of it. Being a part will help you appreciate the work involved and give you a deeper understanding of light painting.